Friday, September 9, 2011

Changes with Cat Herndon Photography

Hello!  I just want to start out by saying that I appreciate all of my fans and friends and family who have supported me this year.  I started my little business a few months ago and it has just bloomed so much faster than I expected.  

My daughter goes to therapy several times a week for speech and occupational therapy.  I have a 6 month old too.  Since I am a full-time Mommy, that only leaves the evenings and weekends for editing and sessions.  However, that means time away from my husband and no time for myself.  

As much as I LOVE photography, it has completely take over my life.  I also have taken on too many sessions.  So, because of that, I had to cancel a few sessions that I "fit-in" when I was already booked.  If you got an email from me, and a refund, please know that I am sorry that I had to cancel our session.  

If you have a scheduled session with me, I don't plan on canceling any more sessions.  However, If you would like to cancel, please let me know and I will refund your deposit.  

As for editing, sessions will now take me 1-3 weeks to edit.  

So, this brings me to the new year.  Starting in 2012, I will be taking limited sessions a month….4 a month.  This will allow me to have time with my family, kids, husband, and myself.  This will also allow me to put in more time and thought into my photography sessions.  

Also, my pricing for the new year will be increasing a bit, but I will still be offering the DVD.  My new pricing will be: 

$225 ($75 deposit required to book and remaining $150 due when session is completed).  Included is 1 hour session, 20 digital images with a print release and 4x6 prints of each color image. 

Since I will have limited availability, you can email me now with the month(s) and week you want to have a session. I'll be able to take week day evenings or weekends.  I am booking for January and February.  

Another thing is that I have had several people contact me asking me to show them how to use their cameras and edit.  After the new year I will start mentorships with moms or people who would like to become photographers.  There will be several options: Learning to shoot in Manual, Learning to Edit, and Learning to Photograph Kids. Mentorships will be limited to one a month.  So, if interested contact me now for details.  If you're a mom and you want to get a group together, I can teach the Mamarazzi class which will teach you how to use your camera and tips of getting good shots of your kids.  Email me for details. 

If you can't book a session with me, there are a few other local photographers I recommend.

I also love Red Berry Photography. My own family portraits are scheduled with her.

For Birth and Newborns I recommend

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  


Cat Herndon

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